The Froment et de Sève bakery was founded on April 2, 1995 by René Sicard, a passionate Quebec baker.

At the beginning the bakery only had a few breads and pastries, then the offer grew over time to end up offering a vast range of more than 300 products made on site. In 2014, René Sicard decided to take a well-deserved rest and it was the Callies family who took up the torch.

Freshly arrived from France with the 5 children and the dog, it is an immediate gourmet crush that will link the Froment et de Sève bakery and the Callies family.

Between Quebec heritage and French tradition: Froment has built a solid reputation among gourmands and gourmets throughout Montreal! It is with the support of the public and our beloved customers that we won the public prize for the best baguette in Montreal in 2022 and the public prize for the best croissant in Montreal in 2023.

We are always very committed to supporting our communities. We are very proud to have been able to donate our unsold goods to charities in our neighborhoods for several years.

Building on its success, the Froment et de Sève bakery has expanded twice to allow our customers to enjoy our pastries on site in a warm place. But also to be able to discover local cheeses and charcuterie, always with a concern for quality for the taste buds of our customers.

Today, with friends or family, De Froment et de Sève will welcome you to discover its delights to the rhythm of the seasons.

All our breads, pastries, pastries and biscuits are made with tradition and craftsmanship in mind.
We guarantee to all our customers that our products are manufactured on site.
Our bakers, pastry chefs, touriers and cooks work day and night to offer you delicious products made on site every day of the year.