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CHOCOLATE , or “ CHOCOLATE BREAD ” has its roots in Austrian culinary art. In the 19th century, bakers developed the puff pastry technique by incorporating butter between the layers of dough, giving rise to the characteristic puff pastry of CHOCOLATINE . Originally, this pastry was filled with pastry cream, but the rise of chocolate at the beginning of the 20th century brought an irresistible variation which first quickly conquered the palates of Europeans, then gained popularity and established itself as an essential international PASTRIE .

The artisan bakery of Froment et de Sève complies with the rule since we also offer our version of CHOCOLATINE made by hand with the same recipe unchanged for 25 years. For us, coffee - CHOCOLATE to start the day off on the right foot, it's sacred! Pure butter puff pastry , golden and crispy to perfection and 2 finely selected 44% Barry cocoa sticks inside to satisfy the most gourmand among you. In our artisanal bakery , CHOCOLATINE is not 115 grams, as in traditional bakeries, but 150 grams of pure delight, handmade every morning by our bakers . These are cooked on site throughout the day to ensure that you have the freshest PASTRIES possible and for the lucky ones , just out of the oven and still hot .

If you haven't already tried it, don't hesitate to take a look at OUR HOME DELIVERY SITE or in one of our two stores (at Little Italy or opposite the Beaubien cinema) , we promise that the crispness and melting chocolate center of our CHOCOLATINES will seduce you. And if this is already the case, come and try its equally delicious derivatives: MINI CHOCOLATE BREAD , CHOCOLATE ALMOND BREAD , BEAR PASTRY ( CROISSANT dough with a crispy praline insert).

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