Le service de bistro à emporter

Takeaway bistro service

Today we wanted to highlight our chef and his talented and passionate team who cook fresh savory dishes every day to delight you. Because yes, the artisanal bakery of Froment et de Sève offers in addition to its PASTRIES , BREADS and PASTRY a service BISTRO RESTAURANT TO TAKE AWAY !

Our ready-to-eat service contains a varied selection of SANDWICHES WITH OUR PAIN DU JOU r, salads made with fresh, seasonal produce (apple-beet salad, prosciutto-pasta, legumes, artichokes and many others, etc.) as well as BALANCED SAVORY DISHES (pies, quiches, shepherd's pies, soups, sauces, pizzas, etc.) to cook or already ready to eat. In addition, our menu changes with the seasons, because paying particular attention to the quality of the ingredients we use, we favor local and seasonal products from Quebec and Canada.

So, you will have understood, whether you are looking for GOURMET SANDWICHES , fresh salads or HOT P LATS , whether for a quick lunch, an impromptu picnic or even a takeaway meal for a relaxed evening at home, we have everything you need needed for a balanced and delicious meal.

So why not come and discover our takeaway bistro service for yourself? Let yourself be tempted by our artisanal creations, good and practical, come see us in one of our two boutiques in Little Italy or on Beaubien is opposite the cinema, or even have them DELIVERED directly to your home throughout the island of Montreal for even more practicality.

In addition, we also offer a CATERING SERVICE for your various events from lunch to dinner including 5@7: TRAYS OF PASTRIES , COLD CUTS , PREPARED SALADS , SANDWIC PLATTER h and HOMEMADE PIZZAS , CHEESE PLATE , FRUIT SALAD … Don’t hesitate to stop by OUR SITE to find out more and discover our delights!

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