La jardinière

The planter

That’s it, summer is back in Montreal and our artisanal dessert “the fresh fruit gardener” is also at the bakery! One bite is enough to understand why this artisanal creation is so appreciated by all gourmands.

It is made on site by our team of pastry chefs every day throughout the summer. A pure butter homemade Breton shortbread, golden and crispy to perfection, a creamy bourbon vanilla pastry cream and a medley of fresh fruit. Mango, kiwi, blackberry, blueberry, Quebec strawberries, a real dose of vitamins and freshness. Its perfect balance between sweetness and freshness makes it an ideal dessert for the hot sunny summer days ahead. The ultimate summer dessert! Available in individual format and 6-8 people!

If you want to be sure to have your summer fruit tart, do not hesitate to ORDER it in advance by stopping by one of our two boutiques in Little Italy or on Beaubien is opposite the cinema or by ORDERING it ONLINE . Whether for a special occasion or simply to satisfy your desire for something sweet, this tart will always be your best ally. Don't let summer pass without tasting this fruity explosion!

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