We are very pleased to present to you the article on the Froment et de Sèves bakery published in the Petite Journal de Montréal on June 19. Here it is :

A little bit of France in Montreal: Welcome to the Maison de Froment et de Sève

Welcome to the delicious world of French baking in Montreal, where BAGUETTES are crispy and the BUTTERED CROISSANTS . At the Maison de Froment et de Sève, prepare yourself to discover a place where BAKERY and PASTRY is an art.

Between Quebec heritage and tradition French,  WHEAT didn't want to choose. Anchored in Montreal heritage since 1995, the Froment et de Sève bakery has been taken over since 2014 by the Callies family, originally from France.


Come discover the captivating world of French baking in Montreal, where the smell of FRESH BREAD blends with the authenticity of traditional flavors. Welcome to the Froment bakery, the oldest bakery in Montreal, a little corner of France nestled in the heart of Montreal, where each bite transports you on a taste journey filled with sweetness and delights. Prepare to be seduced by the aroma of FRESH BREAD and the delicate flavors of this bakery which combines artisanal know-how and passion for French but also Quebec traditions! When you walk through the doors of Maison de Froment et de Sève, you are immediately greeted by a warm and friendly atmosphere.


In a French atmosphere, the products are as far as the eye can see. PASTRY , CHOCOLATES , BREAD , COOKIES , PASTRIES , charcuterie, DISHES , cheeses, you almost think you're in Paris, but the Quebec touch is never far away.

A family story

In 2014, the Callies family took over the Froment et de Sève bakery established in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie since 1995. Arriving from France with his wife and 5 children, Jean-Yves Callies immediately fell in love with this busy bakery. of history with a “Parisian left bank” atmosphere » . Attached to its history, the Callies family aimed to develop this heritage with one motto: craftsmanship. Quality is crucial for Jean-Yves Callies. Indeed, quality products from Quebec and qualified labor promise customers unique artisanal products. Building on its success, the Froment et de Sève bakery has expanded twice. With 40 employees initially, the company has 70 today. The production workforce has been doubled.

“Our energy is constantly focused on monitoring PRODUCTS and people » Jean-Yves Callies

The taste of Franco-Quebec friendship
At Froment, you can taste the MAPLE CROISSANTS , MAPLE DANISHES , t OURTIÈRES , PECAN TARTS … Quebec specialties are welcome at Froment! Indeed, the Callies family bakery is much more than a French bakery in Montreal, it is a true haven of sweetness and Franco-Quebec friendship. You will find the best of French and Quebec traditions, with BREADS and PASTRY that will awaken your taste buds and take you on a journey beyond borders.

Thank you to them for this beautiful article and we look forward to seeing you again at the bakery.

You can also read this article written by Madeleine Donnadieu directly on the Petit Journal website by CLICKING HERE

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