Concours meilleur croissant Montréal 2023

Best croissant competition Montreal 2023


We have always been quite proud of our PURE BUTTER CROISSANT : its golden color and its honeycomb lamination, the unique half-moon shape tied by hand every morning, and above all its recipe unchanged for 25 years full of love and butter. It was therefore with pleasure that we embarked on the adventure of the BEST CROISSANT competition in town organized by maudits français when we learned that you had selected us through your votes.

It is adorned with 150 TRADITIONAL CROISSANTS , 100 strawberry-rhubarb puff pastries, a maxi croissant of 700 grams, and a 25 KILOS lump of butter that the Callies siblings set out to defend the artisanal know-how of the wheat bakery and of saps within the French union of Montreal on May 28.

For two hours, we had the pleasure of being able to chat with you about the history of artisanal baking since its beginnings in 1995, OUR PRODUCTS , our know-how and our common passion for TREATS and good things!

What was our joy when at 1:30 p.m., after the tasting by the culinary experts, the wheat and SĂšves bakery was called on stage to give us the public prize for the best croissant in Montreal, a great success thanks to you, and above all a great victory for our bakers who, every week, produce more than 2,500 CROISSANTS at the parent company located opposite the Beaubien Cinema on rue Beaubien Est.

So thank you for your votes and we'll see you soon, in one of our two wheat and sap shops in Little Italy or in front of the Beaubien cinema in Rosemont, on the terrace of our bakeries, or even directly at your home thanks to OUR DELIVERY SERVICE throughout the island of Montreal in order to share a good croissant, our FRESH BREAD with our TRADITION BAGUETTE which arrived 3RD LAST YEAR in the competitions organized by maudits français, PASTRY , or even one of our SEASONAL SANDWICHES !

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